A different marketing organization that helps business marketing themselves and their products and services from beginning to end. Our focus is on marketing strategy and marketing services of tourism, online&offline promotion and film producing. As a full service marketing company, our multi-faceted and fully integrated marketing services deliver additional sales and sustainable business growth to clients of all sizes.


  1. Tourism <Marketing Consultant & Agency>
    INPAINTERGLOBAL has been developing marketing strategy to promote tourist business as Akita Prefecture Seoul Coordinator Office and Tottori Prefecture Seoul Coordinator Office.
    Akita Prefecture Seoul Coordinator Office <Japan>
    • Event Coordinator Yokote Kamakura Festival in Seoul : Cheonggaecheon (Jan. 2010) Seoul Lantern Festival : Cheonggae cheon (2009, 2010) Events to promote friendship between Korea and Japan : Akita
    • Making Marketing Strategy to Promote Tour Making new tour programs Supporting Korean Air and Travel Agency to implement new cam paigns
    • Inspection Tour Planning and implementing inspection tours for climbing, trekking, golf and ski
    • Trade Coordinator Importing local products and foods of Akita PR for Akita Sake and Akita Specialty
    Tottori Prefecture Seoul Web Management Office <Japan>
    • Making and Running website and blog
    • Preparing and managing events
    Wakayama Prefecture Promoter Office<Japan>
    • PR for Tourist Business of Wakayama Prefecture
    • Making new tour programs
    Appi Resort Seoul Office <Japan>
    • Making and Running website and blog
    • Participating and Introducing Exhibition for Winter Sports, 10th Burton Classic
  2. Online & Offline Promotion
    INPAINTERGLOBAL provides total marketing service to cross the border of Online and Offline.
    • Online Making and running blogs and official Korean websites of Japanese local governments Preparing and managing events
    • Offline Publishing guidebooks, Producing PR DVD and other PR materials
    • Press Magazine, Newspaper, in-train Advertisement, Technical Magazine
  3. Shooting on Overseas Location for Filming
    INPAINTERGLOBAL helps film companies to shoot on good location as an agency and coproduction.
    • Location Coordinator for Drama [IRIS], [IRIS2] : Akita Prefecture of Japan Filming drama, Naming ceremony for IRIS Slope, Commencement ceremony of appreciation plaque to IRIS, IRIS location map, IRIS Official Memorial Book, IRIS Museum
    • Location Coordinator for Drama [Athena – the Goddess of War] Tottori Prefecture of Japan, New Zealand
    • vi_korea_1209
      Drama [I hear your voice] ROYCE’ Chocolate Promotion Coordinator
  4. TV Program Coordinator
    • MBC “Sympathy-Special World” : [Tasty Rice of Akita], [Akita’s Sake & Sake Dessert]“Taste Food, Taste World”
    • KBS “Walk to the World” : [Winter in Akita], [Good Morning, World]
    • SBS “Good Morning”
    • Q channel : [I’M REAL-CHO YOONHUI]

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